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Girls, especially those rounding the puberty age, listen to those around them — especially bullies. They are almost bullying themselves by posting these videos. I think that the media has a huge impact on what young girls view as beautiful. Sham Abrha March 7, at Maybe if we saw them give back to the community we would all do the same. I agree with the person who left the comment that was stated at the end of the article.

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One should never feel the need to objectify themselves to the point where they are seeking the approval of an individual who has no knowledge of them whatsoever.

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New York Times Editor Blasts Aziz Ansari Accuser: ‘It’s Called Bad Sex’

Dana Teubner February 27, at 4: Our society focuses on looks so much that these young girls depend their entire young lives on their appearance. A beautiful personality means true beauty. It is so sad that girls self-esteem is that low. A place like the internet, where people could say anything and get away with it, really presents this chance for people do express their thoughts and not even care less about being caught for their comments.

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