I love you but fuck you lyrics

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You lost her, so go fuck them bitches on myspaces Every show was a different face, but these two were from a distant place Followed my tour got a quick embrace, never woulda thought I had to give them space Father and daughter, loved me to death, never cared that blood be the set Just lovin' the Tech, shrugs in regret when I found out papa kinda had the husband effect Everybody seen it, but I didn't believe it. And I ask you what other nigga, would step up with the love to give her G's in the house for you and the kids and even for your brother nigga Enjoy the dough you get, 'cause I don't owe you shit You was unhappy wit me, so you split You need to show me some love, ma, and I don't mean that I wanna fuck you Just acknowledge me takin' care of you because I'll, I Get the Fuck Outta Here. I Know I fucked our marriage up But you can't live in the past You either gotta let that shit go, or let me go. Recorded At Chapman Recording.

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"I Love You But Fuck You" lyrics

I love you cuz you married me when I needed therapy Let me move in with you be my wife, you wasn't scared of me But fuck you because you say, if you don't get a job today better kick rock wasn't hard to say when you knew I rap my heart away. I Know I fucked our marriage up But you can't live in the past You either gotta let that shit go, or let me go. You started believin that bitch in San Jose, you gripped what the damn ho say You flipped like a man will stay, no trips, never sanjo pay We dipped, used to play for you, even used to pray for you never dap cuz you wanted to spit in my face, it was up up up and away for you. I Love You But Fuck You [Intro] Damn, my brand new Benz thinkin' bout my so called friends and why should I make amends when they crossing me with their sins again and again and again. Everybody got it but never did I receive it His dream was for me to fuck Miss Thing.

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i love you but fuck you lyrics
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