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The Hogan family has been the talk of the town in recent years, as the iconic Hulk Hogan found himself in some hot water after his sex tape leaked out to the audience and, fuelled with his racist rant, got him fired from the WWE. I would never allow it. But Hogan fought back and sued Gawker Media for leaking the sex tape which he had no idea was being filmed, as the whole Hogan vs Gawker trial got much media attention. But what they didn't know is that barely anyone gave a damn about their personal life, as it went onto be a massive failure and was shelved soon after. Hulk Hogan might be this real macho man not Randy Savage! This picture of Brooke in a rather compromising position with her ex-boyfriend, as she's too close for comfort with him at the time and is giving off the wrong vibes in this picture.

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She was quickly shelved after the Bully Ray angle ended, as the Hogans would definitely not want the fans to see nor remember Brooke's term in TNA which was absolutely horrible and only ended up ruining Brooke's image as daddy's precious daughter.

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Linda Hogan “Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife” Naked (3 Photos)

Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes. Hulk wouldn't want fans to see this picture which makes him look absolutely foolish, as Hogan's "style statement" is erased with this horrendous costume. Once Hulk Hogan started to become a nation-wide star in the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, he started to divert to other fields as well, as he tried to get into the movies during the 90s and even starred in his own Christmas movie called Santa With Muscles. Her fling with Bully Ray made her character look pretty questionable and the Hogan family would definitely not want the fans to see this side of Brooke. The sex-tape leaking was something which threatened to destroy all the reputation he built for the past few decades. Linda Hogan spoke out about former husband Hulk Hogan's recently leaked sex tape, saying there are a lot of holes in the story he's been telling. He'd definitely not want the fans to see or remember this not that many do as it was a really stupid move and could make him look like a joke - more so than he does now.

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linda hogan sex scene images
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