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You're obsessed with a juiced up Power Girl. Saren Online Follow Forum Posts: I love this depiction of the character. Her mass and proportions feel right in terms of muscle and weight. Lee's doesn't have quit the personality of Conner in his PG, but again the proportions feel right here in tone and definition.

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That "official" height and weight thing is old

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I came to this thread with an opinion but I forgot what it was when I saw the background image for this thread. Look in her own series and she's taller than almost everyone around, men included. Adam Hughes Obviously a different style, but this is one of my favorite PG images and nails her form for me. She should be noticeably muscular but not overly muscular like a serious athletic build. I'd prefer if she were taller like 6'. KnightRise Follow Forum Posts:

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